Disability Certification Instructions

The Office of Student Affairs coordinates services for students with permanent and temporary disabilities such as but not limited to cognitive learning disabilities/ADD/ADHD; dyslexia; mobility, visual and hearing impairments; chronic medical conditions; psychiatric disabilities; and substance abuse/recovery with the goal of addressing the individual disability needs of students while upholding the academic integrity and standards of Union.

If you are a new or returning student with a disability and have not registered with the Office of Student Affairs to receive Disability Services, you should REGISTER NOW! Just start by completing the Disability Services Registration Form.  

Once you fill out the disability registration form, you will be contacted by the Office of Student Affairs to set up an appointment with the Asst Dean of Students, Abigail Asgaralli. Dean Abby will work closely with you to learn what functional limitations you are experiencing and what accommodations you may need.

In the meantime, please complete the Disability Release Form which allows us to receive your medical records and to contact your medical provider, if necessary. Then you can bring the Disability Certification Form to your provider for completion.  This form requests more detailed information about your disability and functional limitations and includes specific instructions for your provider. Please note that the licensed or otherwise properly credentialed health professional must have undergone appropriate and comprehensive training, have relevant experience, and have no personal relationship with you. Please note that your meeting with Dean Visconti is not dependent on prior receipt of your medical documentation, and can happen as soon as you register for services.

The information we gather at the interview along with any additional documentation from your provider will allow us to have as much information as possible to determine appropriate accommodations. Once the forms are complete, please mail or submit them with any additional supporting medical documentation to the attention of:

Abigail Asgaralli

Asst Dean of Students

Union Theological Seminary

3041 Broadway, NY, NY 10027  

You may also have the completed forms scanned and emailed to aasgaralli@uts.columbia.edu 

For more information on Disability Services at Union, view:   www.utsnyc.edu/disability

The Office of Student Affairs looks forward to supporting you throughout your theological journey.

Disability Services Registration Form

I register with the Office of Student Affairs at Union Theological Seminary to receive Disability Services which includes appropriate accommodations and academic adjustments in order to ensure that I have equal opportunity to attain the same quality of education as well as can be assessed for course content and evaluated in the same manner as students without disabilities.

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Disability Services Release Form

I, a student with a registered disability with the Office of Student Affairs at Union Theological Seminary, give the Office of Student Affairs permission to receive my medical records to keep on file in the Office of Student Affairs and to contact my medical provider to discuss my disability for the purposes of a proper determination of necessary accommodations.

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Additional Information

In the comments section below, please provide any additional information you feel is important. Feedback regarding this form is also welcome.

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